IO Design Studio
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company Biography and successes

The company was initially created as a furniture company, then they began to create an efficient 3d model of furniture and came to the conclusion that they began to do a 3D visualization of an interior with an effective design. After that, they started repairing the apartments and offered the clients a full package of services in the direction of repairs under the keys.

Initially, 5 people worked in the company and 0 investments for 3 years the company acquired 45 employees and 200 000 dollars of investment

The company has two offices in Georgia in the city of Batumi on Bagrationi street # 198a and Farnavaz mefe street # 136.

12 people work in the office. 3 designers, 2 consultants, 1 constructor, 1 estimator, 2 loggers, 1 director, 2 managers,

The company has only been developing for 3 years and is always looking for something new, it does not settle on one and is moving forward. our successes in our conduct. we see in a different way and our service is equal to your comfort.

thanks to all who are with us, we are always happy to serve you, please contact us and find out what it means to work with our company's employees.

completion of works

3D Design
3D Design
Here you can see the design work of our employees.
Finished works on the direction of repairs you can see here
Here work on the direction of furniture.
all in one
all work in one
Here you can see our work in the place of the design, repair and furniture